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The term "baby face" came about for a reason. According to experts, the wider your cheeks and the narrower your jawline, the younger you will look. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are increasingly focusing on increasing the volume and definition of the cheeks, which can quickly turn back time. There are three ways to get your cheeks back, from quick fixes to long-term solutions.

What Are High Cheekbones?

We've all heard the expression "high cheekbones." Theoretically, we understand. However, do we understand what high cheeks mean? The bones of the cheekbones, also known as breast bones or zygomatic bones, are facial structures that support the cheeks. Cheekbones are defined as "tall" when they are closer to the eyes.

The cheekbones closer to the tip of the nose are called the "lower" cheekbones. Although the presence of high cheekbones is a beautiful feature, it does not define beauty.

While proper contouring can give the appearance of taller cheekbones, some in-office treatments can provide both temporary and permanent results. Two board-certified plastic surgeons describe the best solutions below.


You can also apply the filling on the lips and under the eyes on the cheeks. The purpose of the cheek filling is to lift and fill the area, giving it more definition - even if it helps a little. "Overfilled cheekbones can be removed- by injection, but this is not a perfect operation, so do not overfill."

Over 90% of injectable fillers use a microchannel for better- placement of the filler_. "Because the microcannula is not sharp, I can access the different sections of the face accurately and safely for proper placement of the filling." 

The filler effect is instantaneous and can last from one to two years (or more) depending on the product used. After treatment, the patient may experience edema and bruise for several days. Dr. Arden Med Spa. According to Arden, fillers are the alternative of choice for patients who are "testing" their appearance: "The filler disappears within a year and can then be continued with a more permanent graft."


Cheek implants, also known as cheek augmentation, are permanent surgeries that increase the size and projection of the cheeks. The Arden Med Spa says Cheek implants look completely natural and durable when installed correctly. "It's a solid silicone substance that is placed on the cheekbones and has a bone-like shape."

Although this is a surgical procedure, most patients enter and leave the operating room within an hour. The plastic surgeon will make a small incision under the eyes or mouth to create a small implant pouch after administration of general or local anesthesia. The doctor closes the incision- and after the implant has been placed and fixed, applies compression or bandage to minimize swelling.


Liposuction is used to remove- fat from the donor site in the first stage of a two-stage surgery. The oil is then cleaned- before being applied to the cheeks. Because some fat is reabsorbed- by the body, your doctor may initially "overlap" the area. "Oils can be used to provide more progressive growth of the entire cheek area, and for the most part is permanent. Weight loss or loss may affect results- so improvement may be necessary.

Most patients experience swelling, bleeding, and redness of the face and donor site a few days after treatment. Although full recovery can take up to six weeks, most people can return to work within 48 hours.

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