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Heat shock is used in CoolPlas Fat Reduction to freeze fat cells, causing them to self-destruct without damaging the skin. Over the next few weeks, dead fat cells are removed from the body and effectively removed.

With the first treatment, customers can lose an inch or more. After 3-5 sessions, the average reduction in fat in the treated area varies depending on the individual history. If you want to lose weight on your stomach, thighs, arms, or back, this is the solution for you.


CoolPlas Fat Reduction is a treatment that kills fat cells. It is done- without harming other tissues (especially muscle tissue) because the internal electrolytes of fat cells crystallize in the cold, especially. It is the information sent to the cell so that the crystallization begins to self-destruct. This procedure is aimed- specifically at fat cells.

Reducing; fat works by improving microcirculation and cellular metabolism while cooling the tissues under the skin. This cold-focused therapy increases collagen synthesis, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin, improves skin elasticity, and strengthens muscles.

This 40-minute cold therapy treatment will increase collagen formation by increasing microcirculation and speeding up metabolism.

Principle of Treatment​

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Coolplas Fat Freezing Machine is a device for cooling or heating the skin that is mainly- used to break down fat deposits on the upper arms, back, abdomen, and waist. The goal is to improve the abdominal profile. In addition to freezing fat, the cooling design can also help relieve pain laser- thermal damage and local anesthetics.

Other uses of the cryolipolysis body weight loss machine include pain management after surgery or injury using local heat therapy. In addition, it helps to relieve mild discomfort and muscle spasms. The optional massage function is- configured to temporarily relieve muscle discomfort pain, improve local microcirculation- and reduce the growth of cellulite.

How long is each treatment?

A normal therapy lasts around an hour, depending on your treatment plan.

What happens during the treatment?

Your therapist will first select the location to be treated, then place the gadget on your body. The protrusion will then pull by the device_ between the two cooling panels. The sensation is a strong pulling with sufficient pressure to ensure the exact cooling of the selected tissue. Therapy will last an hour or more, depending on your needs.

It is a non-surgical procedure. Some people may experience redness, slight bruising, tingling, numbness, or pain in the treated area, but these are only short and will disappear completely.

The result of the treatment can be seen- in the first three weeks. The most significant results will be seen- after two months.

After completion of Coolplas treatment, fat cells were removed. The results will last as long as you follow your diet and exercise routine.

What will the results be?

Each Coolplas treatment often results in a significant reduction in fat in the treated area. You can gain additional shed with repeated treatments after completing the initial treatment, which results in greater fat loss. Some people believe that one treatment is enough to achieve their goals.

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