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Dysport and 11s

Why are you so annoyed with people who wonder if you are so irritated and tired of those lines reaching between your eyebrows? Dysport can help you get rid of the "11" on your forehead, reverse the aging process and restore your youthful and happy glow.

What Is Dysport?

Dysport is a botulinum toxin injection comparable to BOTOX, which is used to improve the appearance of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and creases between the eyebrows. Dysport injections are performed safely by experienced injectors at our cosmetic dermatology unit in Arlington.


This is a question that patients often ask themselves. There is no single dose of Botox or Dysport. Gender, facial muscle size, metabolism, frequency of injections, and desired aesthetic results will affect the amount of Botox or Dysport needed for each individual. Although there are widely accepted recommendations outlining the amount of Botox and Dysport in units to treat the most common areas, we don't necessarily follow them for everyone. Most Botox providers start with this, especially with new clients, and then adjust the treatment regimen for each individual.

Eleven (eyebrow muscle) is one of the strongest muscles in the face, as some people use it more than others! In most cases, at least 20 units of Botox and 60 units of Dysport are required, although 30 units of Botox may be required to achieve satisfactory results. Men's pelvic floor muscles are bigger, so they usually need more than 30 units, but it depends.

How Does Dysport Work?

Sport and other neurotoxins work to minimize wrinkles caused by muscle contraction. Disport injections temporarily immobilize and relax the muscles, reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles by blocking nerve signals and preventing contractions.

How Is Dysport Injected?

Our experienced cosmetologists distribute the needles precisely to the muscles under the skin, so you don't get a frozen look, and your results look natural.

Although Dysport injections can cause discomfort, most patients don't feel it. If necessary, we can adjust the area to ensure a painless encounter. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete the operation.

How Long Do Dysport Results Last?

The effects of Dysport last about five months on average, after which you will need more to maintain your youthful appearance. Injection technique, dilution, and dose are factors- that affect the duration of Dysport results.

Your injection provider must ensure that your results last as long as possible, so choose a qualified and reliable doctor for your injection.


Most of our patients are advised to repeat Botox after 50% muscle recovery, usually after 3 months. We have seen that if you follow these instructions, the amount consumed will never increase or increase gradually. This is due to poor muscle retention and lack of recovery opportunities, preventing the formation or irritation of new lines. When the effects of Botox wear off completely, most patients will need to take additional Botox or Dysport over time.

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