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About Mounjaro

The new highly marked and gaining popularity due to its success Mounjaro is now available at our Med spa prescriptions. Or to have an affordable compounded form of Tirzepatide with B6 or B12 at $100 / week.
Tirzepatide contains two medications GLP1 and GIP and when injected under the skin in fatty area with managed doses works on two channels to have the pancreas release the right amount of insulin control fat formation and stop glycogen and slows down the emoting of the stomach and have brain send signals of fullness. 
Ultimately it stops the formation of fat, converts stored fat into energy, and gives the feeling of fullness to create a Caloric deficit to help lose fast.
Book your appointment asap as due to its popularity Tirzepatide is available in short supply 
Book online or by calling 631-406-0026

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