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Did you know that there is a simple technique to gain muscle, burn fat and shape your body without exercise or surgery, and it is painless? It is true and is found in high-intensity electromagnetic technology' advanced technology (or, in short, HIEMT).

HIEMT is a revolutionary device that helps men and women build muscle while burning fat by forcing muscle contractions exactly where you want them to focus on toning. Use new electromagnetic technology it's just electricity forcing the muscle contraction, on where you want to focus on toning the body. The stomach, buttocks, thighs, calves, biceps, and triceps are five body parts that can be targeted- for treatment.

The body shaper does this by inducing 20,000 forced muscle contractions per session. Which is the equivalent of 36,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes. They all work together to tone, build muscle, and burn fat. It is a complete approach to body contouring, as older procedures usually don't perform all surgeries at once.

Electromagnetic muscle training treatments can provide a profound reshaping of muscle tissue by stimulating muscle growth and producing new protein chains, all of which increase muscle density and volume. At the same time, this extreme amount of muscle contraction causes fatty acids to break down, which means that when you train your muscles, the fat will also burn.

Despite its high intensity, the procedure is also painless and completely non-invasive, performing all these treatments non-surgical.

Best of all, this complete toning treatment is clinically proven to provide body contouring results that you may have only dreamed of without surgery.

HIEMT treatments.

According to a recent scientific study, this unique method of High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Therapy produces proven muscle building and fat burning results at the same time.

Four treatments were tested- on people using the technology in medical studies, focusing on the stomach. Before, two months after, and six months after using the device, medical examinations and measurements of abdominal muscles, adipose tissue, and diastasis were performed to determine the effect of electromagnetic therapy on the body.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, the method used to measure the results, is considered one of the most accurate diagnostic methods in the world and reveals muscle growth and, at the same time, fat reduction at the two stages measured after HIEMT treatment.

The results prove that this treatment is very effective- in achieving a body remodeling result. They found a significant reduction in fat tissue thickness, as well as an equally significant increase in abdominal muscle thickness, after treatment, reporting that "on average, a statistically significant increase was- observed on three measurements comparing two(2) months of follow-up. at baseline."

"Decreased adipose tissue thickness (18.6%), increased rectus abdominis thickness (+15.4%) and reduced abdominal separation (10.4%)", concluded the scientific study on the participants. In conclusion, 91% of patients improved in all three areas simultaneously."

Six months after treatment, all study participants experienced an average decrease in height- of 3.8 cm.

You can also expect the treatment to last a long time. The MRI data six months later- "suggests that the changes can be sustained- over the long term," the researchers said.

Contouring effects of HIEMT

You don't even have to count calories to see the benefits of HIEMT for muscle development: clinical trials show that its effects on the body have nothing to do with any diet or fitness routine all participants maintain their eating habits and exercise routines.

Those who want to tone and shape their body after pregnancy will be attracted to the effectiveness of diastase. Right diastase is a condition- in which the outer abdominal muscles break apart, weakening the abdominal wall and causing a dog to come out of its stomach.

Different forces can cause your abdominal muscles to separate. But one of the most common reasons is pregnancy – and it makes it nearly impossible to tone or build- muscle in certain abdominal areas just by exercising.

The results of the HIEMT

The results of the HIEMT,  muscle building and fat burning, weight-loss near me, med spa

When measuring muscles just two months after treatment, the HIEMT study found an impressive 10% reduction in abdominal diastase, with 91% of people improving in this area, whether medically diagnosed or simply undiagnosed. , shows the dog in the stomach. "This shows that the application is not only beneficial for people with severe injuries but also for most individuals, regardless of the condition," according to the study.

In other tummy-toning news, the study discovered that the HIEMT reduced the separation that causes stomach protrusion before it reaches the point where it is officially referred to as a diastasis, perhaps preventing the formation of a future belly. "Moreover, there may be some function in prevention via intervention before attaining the medical criteria of diastasis," the study concluded. That's great news for anyone with even a small stomach pouch.

The painless- method was -found to be completely safe in the same medical survey, with no side effects other than muscle pain in any of the individuals. And it's impressive when the abs do the equivalent of 30,000 sit-ups at a time.

Of course, this is to be expected given that magnetic stimulation technology has generally been- hailed for its effectiveness in a wide range of medical applications, including neurology, physiotherapy, and the treatment of urinary incontinence. Magnetic stimulation is also- considered a safe alternative to electrical stimulation because it is non-thermal and non-ionizing.

When it comes to medicine, the high-intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer is a game-changer when it comes__ to a non-invasive therapy that combines fat loss and muscle growth to achieve the next level of toning and muscle growth, safe and secure painless.

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